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  • I know about an Internet Café that it is not mentioned on the Netcafeguide. How can I add this Internet Café to the list of other Internet Café?
    It is sufficient to tell the operator of the Internet Café about our server. The registration is for free. If you are not the operator of the Internet Café, do not add the Internet Café yourself. The information can be inaccurate and there will be nobody who would update the information.
  • I am an operator of Internet Café, it is inserted to the NCG, but I did not register it. The information is false. What to do with it?
    You can contact us via e-mail. Logging can be transferred into your control and service.
  • I did the registration of the Internet Café but I cannot remember it password for editing. What to do with it?
    Contact us via e-mail e-mail.
  • On our Internet Café page a derogatory commentary. Would you delete it?
    No, we would not. We do not change or delete information in commentaries. It is up to the operator of the Internet Café that the clients provide to the particular Internet Café nice commentaries.
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