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The server NetCafeGuide.Cz was established in 1999 based on a passive HTML and manual editing of all its items. Soon the original look stopped to comply with requirements of users. New solution based on ASP 3.0 came in 2000. Before that the Internet access was not a matter of course like it is nowadays. The Internet Café operated like kind of providers not only for tourists and for casual visitors. After long pause during which the project existed for several years, the contemporary look of the NCG was established in 2007. It has more functions, a bilingual front-end and a new design as well.

Unfortunately, broadband internet and Wi-Fi killed many registered cybercafés and many of them transformed to regular Wi-Fi-spots. You should keep it in mind and try to contact chosen cybercafe before visit.

From the beginning, the project has been functioning on noncommercial basis. The registration and providing of information is free of charge.

You can contact us via e-mail: e-mail.

In case you want to support us, you can place our icon to your web pages.

Netcafeguide.cz - průvodce po českých a slovenských internetových kavárnách

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